Toyota Camry 2012

With the new year approaching there is no time like the preasent to find the perfect car for you, and why look anywhere but Toyota. Toyota’s new online feature, Toyota Malaysia, allows customers to view detailed information about all Toyota vehicles before they ever step on the lot or into the drivers seat.

The Toyota Malaysia idea stems from the idea that buyers want should know all the ins and outs of a car before consenting to buying it. Vehicles such as the Toyota Camry, America’s best selling car, can be carefully reviewed both inside and out through Toyota Malaysia to allow buyers to decide which model Camery is best for them, whether it be the L, LE, SE, XLE or Hybrid.

For example; those buyers who seek information about the Toyota Camry 2012 would find that Toyota is doing everything they can to put the customers needs first. The 2012 Toyota Camry gets an estimated 25 to 35 miles per gallon and is equipt with heated mirrors and a noice reduction windshield to allower for a safer, more enjoyable drive.

And when it comes to safety Toyota Malaysia will tell you that the 2012 Toyota Camry has a star safety system which better stability control along with the pattented Toyota four wheel anitlock brake system and brake distribution, which applies to all situations in which the car is traveling at or better than five miles per hour, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. In addition to these grand safety features the 2012 Camry also offers 10 independant airbags and an antiwiplash seat fature to better protect each pasenger.

So if you are seeking quality and dependability that goes above all else there is really only one choice on the road, and with Toyota Malaysia there is no reason to ever end up in the wrong car vehicle again.

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Toyota Classic 2011 Contributed to 3 Charity and Non Government Orgasations

News report at SHAH ALAM, during 27 December 2011. In maintaining its lengthy tradition of getting world-class music artists to Malaysia, UMW Toyota Motor carried out the twentieth Toyota Classics performance on 10 November 2011, in the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Kl. Started like a unique yet sophisticated method to raise funds for that underprivileged, the Toyota Classics has developed right into a much-looked forward to annual event for that musically discerning, who’re delighted to understand their contribution will really make a difference to society.

“Since the beginning, we’ve supported 47 charitable and non-governmental organizations countrywide amounting to in excess of RM6 million until 2010. We’re glad to determine how our contributions make a positive change towards the lives of those within the organizations we’ve supported,” states En. Ismet Suki, Leader of UMW Toyota Motor.

Toyota Classics is just one of UMW Toyota Motor’s primary support beams of Corporate Social Responsibility. Each year, the concert brings worldwide famous orchestras to Malaysian shores, supplying Malaysians the invaluable chance to savor world-class classical music without needing to travel 1000′s of miles all over the world. Continue reading

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Toyota Motor update the current flooding in Ayutthaya Thailand

Using the recent flooding in Ayutthaya, Thailand, Toyota Motor Thailand Co. (TMT) has made the decision to prevent procedures whatsoever three plants at Samrong, Gateway and Prohibit Pho plants because of interruption in parts supply from affected providers.

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd want to inform all clients, now there’s no interruption towards the delivery of Toyota CKD (complete knocked Down) and CBU (complete built-up) models retailed by the organization for that month of October.

However, when the situation in Ayutthaya, Thailand is constantly on the deteriorate, we’ll advise our clients on the vehicle delivery status individually. Continue reading

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Toyota Malaysia Facebook Page

Here os our official facebook page. Kindly make a like if you are Toyota’s fans, we will bring more and more latest Toyota Malaysia news over facebook.

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Courageous new Toyota Hilux

UMW Toyota Motor revealed the brand new-look “Advanced and hardInch Toyota Hilux, featuring a professional design with increased prominent ‘character lines’ although maintaining the key Hilux qualities of Quality, Sturdiness and Reliability. The brand new Hilux also includes exciting selection of capabilities.

The big event was released by Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor, in the Sunway Convention Center in Bandar Sunway. Also present were Mr Takashi Hibi, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor, Encik Ismet Suki, Leader of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd and Mr. Osamu Tomioka, Assistant Chief Engineer, Toyota Motor Corporation. Continue reading

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Toyota Motor Open Integrated Quality Hub To Boost Client Satisfaction

At Oct 10th UMW Toyota Motor today held a dent ceremony for his or her new facility, UMW Toyota Integrated Quality Hub (IQH) in Bukit Raja, Klang to enhance delivery of quality Toyota automobiles to the clients, in the least possible time. The organization has allotted over RM 200 million to build up the 87.5 acres facility, included in its RM 1 billion investment arrange for 3 years until 2013.

The IQH includes Centralized Vehicle Stockyard, Accessory Center, Test Track, Body and Fresh paint center and Production Parts Warehouse.

The big event to mark the functional milestone occured in the existence of Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed, Minister of Worldwide Trade and Industry and Yang Berhormat Dato’Mukhriz Tun Dr. Mahathir, Deputy Minister of Worldwide Trade and Industry. Also present in the ceremony was His Excellency, Mr. Shigeru Nakamura, Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia Mr. Yukitoshi Funo, Executive V . P ., Toyota Motor Corporation, YBhg Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor Mr. Takashi Hibi, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor and En. Ismet Suki, Leader of UMW Toyota Motor. Continue reading

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The Past, Present and Future for Hybrid

In 1994, Takeshi Uchiyamada, today Executive Vice-President and Chief Engineer world-wide for Toyota, was assigned to lead a team with a monumental challenge: create the car of the 21st century.
Toyota Hybrid Technology

With extensive research, Uchiyamada concluded that the car of the 21st century should be a vehicle that would be of the greatest use to the greatest number of people. In order to accomplish this, he focused on two of the biggest challenges facing existing vehicles: dependency on finite resources and environmental impact.

After examining all the technological avenues that might lead to this car of the 21st century, Uchiyamada found one that he believed was the most promising. It was one Toyota was working on since the 1960s: hybrid vehicles.

Having narrowed the focus to hybrids, Uchiyamada spearheaded the development of Toyota Hybrid System, which powered the first generation Prius. While it met the criteria he had laid out, fuel efficiency and “eco-friendliness,” there was still room for improvement, Toyota made performance a top priority for the second generation Prius. The result was the development of Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Hybrid Technology Time Line

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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has become the worldwide benchmark in hybrid technology. With Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, the electric motor and petrol engine have been combined to serve as power sources to ensure an efficient drive, whilst performance is delivered at optimum levels.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has made its first appearance in Malaysia in its third generation. Toyota Malaysia has brought this technologically advanced vehicle to this country, and it is available in a range of exciting colours including Silver Metallic, White Pearl, Abyss Gray Metallic and Red Mica Metallic. You can own a Prius from only RM139,000, this is thanks to new tax incentives on hybrid vehicles that have been recently set by the government.

Toyota Prius

Everything about the Toyota Prius signifies advancement and 21st century style.The exterior of the vehicle has been designed in a unique shape, the bonnet and windscreen slope steadily to join the roof, making it easy for air to glide off the vehicle, and thereby allowing for optimum aerodynamics. Toyota has also designed and constructed the Prius with lightweight body components, the lighter weight of the vehicle not only contributes to aerodynamics, but also ensures reduced fuel consumption. Toyota has added a distinct touch to the exterior of the Prius (which sets it apart from the other Toyota Vehicles) by adding a Hybrid Synergy Blue emblem and headlamps.

Toyota Prius

Beneath the Prius’s bonnet lies futuristic technology, the Prius has been fitted with a truly impressive 1.8 litre 2ZR-FXE engine, which incorporates Toyota’s VVT-i technology, Toyota’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and an electric water pump. These technologies combine beautifully, allowing ultimate performance and maximum fuel efficiency to co-exist. Toyota has fitted the Prius with a Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, which has been engineered to supply the motor with an optimal level of electricity. It is an advanced innovation in that it does not need any maintenance, is compact and lightweight and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. By running on the collaboration of the petrol engine and electric motor, emissions are considerably reduced. The Prius also has the feature of running on the electric motor alone, this will result in zero fuel consumption and zero emissions.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has a cleverly devised braking system, it is a system consisting of Brake-force Distribution, Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking System and Electronic Power Steering. These sub-systems co-ordinate to allow for superior handling on any type of road, be it slippery, winding, or straight.

prius interior

Human-Centred Design: Ergonomic next-generation control system
The driver’s cockpit is divided into two district zone for easy, intuitive access. The “command zone” is positioned in the centre cluster for immediate access to functions. The “Display zone” of the centralised Multi Information Display provides easy visibility to key information

The interior of the Prius is nothing short of magnificent with its revolutionary layout, comfortable seating space and versatility. The controls have been artistically and meticulously placed on the central cluster and steering wheel. The steering wheel has the convenient Touch Tracer, which allows the driver to access the Multi-Information Display without shifting attention from the road. The Head-Up Display is a very exciting addition to the Prius, it projects driving information on the lower windshield glass in front of the driver and reduces the need to divert attention from the road. The Prius has been designed with a convenient Smart Entry and Start System, which makes it easy to unlock and start the car. The seats of the Prius are large and supportive, and with the ample amount of the floor space, all passengers have a comfortable amount of leg room. The front seats of the Prius have slender seatbacks which allow for increased legroom for the passengers at the back. The front seats can also fully recline and the 60:40 split rear seats can be easily and quickly folded down to allow for more carrying space.

Advanced features
The integration of cutting-edge technology contributes to driving pleasure. Display of various information such as system operation and driving status also helps the driver optimise a fuel-efficient driving style.

The Prius has been constructed with various safety features. It has a High Rigidity Body: the body of the car has been designed to absorb impact from a collision, and thereby reduce the risk of injury to the occupants. The vehicle has also been designed with front and rear crumple zones. The Hill-Start Assist is a new Toyota technology which maintains brake pressure on all four wheels for that moment when the driver’s foot moves from the brakes to the accelerator: this prevents the car from rolling when moving off from a traffic light or stop street, and can also prove to be extremely helpful in slope situations.

A comfortable space
The spacious cabin and meticulous attention to detail creates a warm and comfortable environment.

The product of the “minimum exterior, maximum interior” design, the Toyota Prius have a spacious interior that can be enjoyed by all passenger, and also gives them with ample luggage area.

The awards list of the Toyota Prius is endless and includes the Engine Technology International award for “Best Engine 1.4 litre -1.8 litre” in 2005, the Green Engine of the Year award in 2008 and the Autocar Asean Award 2009 in the Hybrid Category. It was also named in the UK by Top Gear as “City Car of the Year” in 2009. In Malaysia, the Prius won the NST “Good Design” award in 2009, the Asian Auto “1st place Fuel Efficiency Award” in 2009 and the Asian Auto Premium Family Cars “1st place Fuel Efficiency Award” in 2010.

The Toyota Prius is a piece of the future, with its standard of performance and remarkable fuel-efficiency combined with its green technologies, it is no wonder that it has become a highly sought after car throughout the world.

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Toyota Avanza

The new Toyota Avanza is the product of a clever combination of attributes of the previous Avanza models together with modern, enhanced features. This new mini-MPV sports a contemporary look, and with its generous amount of space, it makes for the perfect family car.

Style is the keyword when it comes to the new Toyota Avanza. It is available in a range of colours, namely: Dazzling Silver, mysterious Gray Metallic, elegant Black Mica and classic White. The 1.5 variants of the new Avanza have a sleek chrome grille, which adds a sophisticated edge to the car. All of the variants come with multi-reflector headlamps, which are shaped to complement the face of the vehicle. The new Avanza has been designed with a bold form, but it has been cleverly contoured for aerodynamics: the corners of the Avanza are smooth and rounded and the vehicle lies low, allowing for ultimate stability.

Each variant comes with its own distinctive elegant touches to the exterior. Attractive 15 inch alloy wheels are available on the 1.5S and 1.5G variants. The 1.5 variants also come with a sleek chrome finishing on the handles and on the rear plate garnishing. A Sporty Aerokit is available on the 1.5S model: a front bumper spoiler, rear bumper spoiler and side skirtings give the new Avanza a racy and edgy look. The Sporty Aerokit is an optional accessory in the other variants.

The new Avanza might be a big, spacious vehicle, but Toyota has designed it to have a minimum turning radius of 4.7 metres, making it easy to park and perform u-turns.

Toyota has ensured that performance of the new Avanza lives up to its high standards by fitting the Avanza with Toyota’s renowned VVT-i engine. The VVT-i engine ensures optimum performance by automatically adjusting valve timing and supplying smooth acceleration. The VVT-i engine also ensures minimal fuel consumption and cleaner emissions.

The new Avanza has been fitted with front MacPherson struts: the suspension system is optimised to provide maximum stability, allowing the car to be steady and secure when taking turns or when driving on a winding road.

The 1.3E variant is manual transmission while the 1.5 variants are automatic transmission. The 1.5 variants also come with Toyota’s A/T Gate Type Shift Lever with Shift Lock.

The new Avanza is a 7-seater vehicle: two seats in front, two seats in the middle row and three seats at the back. Toyota has made the new Avanza an extremely versatile vehicle: the middle and last row of seats can be easily and quickly folded to make a large open space for luggage. The new Avanza’s interior finishing is also an enhancement: the interior has been upholstered in dark fabric, giving the vehicle a more classic interior look. A Dual Blower air-conditioning system has been included in the new Avanza: this ensures that the entire vehicle receives the effect of the air-conditioner, making a comfortable ride for the front, middle and rear passengers.

The body of the new Avanza is designed to Toyota’s safety specifications. In the event of a collision, the Global Outstanding Body Assessment structure of the Avanza distributes impact energy from one area of the vehicle to all parts of the body of the vehicle, thereby minimising the impact on one area, and reducing the risk of injury to the occupants. Owing to the large size of the new Avanza, Toyota has installed reverse sensors which warn the driver when an object is close to the rear end of the vehicle when reversing.

The new Toyota Avanza is big on style and space and makes a perfect family car without putting a strain
The new Toyota Avanza is priced from RM62,000 and the 1.3E, 1.5E, 1.5G and 1.5S models have been introduced to this country by Toyota Malaysia. on your budget.

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Toyota Corolla Altis

Through the various successful generations of the Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota has been continuously improving upon its design and technologies, and the result is the new Toyota Altis with the new form and superior performance, it’s set to be yet another best seller.

The new Toyota Corolla Altis already boasts various awards. The Corolla Altis has won the prestigious honour of being the Best Compact Passenger Car at the Car of the Year Awards 2010. The new Corolla Altis 1.8L variant also walked away with first prize at the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards 2010. This is based on the vehicle’s outstanding efficiency, using only 5.5L per 100km.

Toyota Malaysia has introduced the 1.6E, 1.8E, 1.8G and 2.0V Corolla Altis models to Malaysia. The new Toyota Altis has been designed with a broad front and radiates boldness and elegance. The headlamps have a sharp shape and complement the overall front look. The front headlamps of the 1.6E, 1.8E and 1.8G models are halogen headlamps and the 2.0V model comes with stylish high-intensity discharge headlamps with a smoke finish. The grille of the 2.0V model is a simple, single gray bar, which adds a touch of sportiness, while the grille of the 1.6E, 1.8E and 1.8G consists of two sleek chrome bars, which portray a more elegant look. The Toyota Corolla Altis comes with added exterior design features, indicator lights are incorporated into the side mirrors, strengthening visibility to other motorists. The side mirrors are also conveniently electrically retractable.

Front Design of Altis
The vertically long fog lamp brackets and large trapezoidal lower grille emphasises the lower centre of gravity, producing an impressive frontal facade.

Rear Design of Altis
The rear is designed with strong intonations with extended corners on the lower bumper, creating an overall wider, more robust rear.

altis headlamp

Headlamps and Rear lamps
The new sleek lower edge line was developed to bring our the sharpness of the car. For an Edgier look, the 2.0v is further enhanced with smoked finishing.

Front Grille
Features a slim look that is wider in the front and sharper at the edges, commanding a bold presence. The prominent, dark grey hirizontal bar of the 2.0V creates a dynamic look while the chrome-trimmed dual horizontal bars give the 1.8G, 1.8E and 1.6R an elegant appearance.

HID Lights (2.0V only)
Brighter than conventional halogen headlamps, the High Intensity Discharge lights are also designed to last significantly longer while having lower energy consumption.

16″ Wheels with 5-spoke Design (2.0V, 1.8G and 1.8E only)
The new 3-dimensional 5-spoke design exudes a strong and advanced image.

The secret to the efficiency of this vehicle lies in its technological engine, the new Corolla Altis is fitted with Toyota’s dual VVT-i engine, which intelligently adjusts the valve timing for optimum performance, under any operating condition, while simultaneously keeping fuel consumption to minimum levels. The dual VVT-i engine has been engineered to always produce superior performance, whether the engine is running at low speeds or high speeds.

The Toyota Corolla Altis makes for a perfect city vehicle, with its minimum turning radius of 5 metres, parking, u-turns and sharp turns have never been so easy.

All of the variants of the Corolla Altis are automatic transmission. The 1.6E is a 4-speed transmission and comes fitted with Toyota’s Super Electronic Controlled Transmission technology, which allows for smooth and easy gear changes. The 1.8E, 1.8G and 2.0V variants are 7-speed transmission and come with Toyota’s CVT-i technology, the CVT-i technology provides linear acceleration after each change in gear and contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of the car. The Corolla Altis also comes with the option of a thrilling 7-speed Sports Sequential Shift which gives the driver sheer power over gear ratios and offers the driver control that is comparable to manual transmission, while still having the ease of automatic transmission.

Dual VVT-i Engine for Toyota Altis
The dual variable valve timing with intelligence engine provides optimal valve timing for any driving condition by crontrolling both the intake and exhaust camshafts to promote valve timing that is optimally suited to engine operating conditions.

The result is a highly efficient system that provides more power and yet delivers excellent fuel efficiency while giving you more torque at low engine speeds and better power output at high speeds.

The interior of the Toyota Altis is spacious, with large seats and ample legroom. The 1.8G and 2.0V variants come with an 8-way powered driver’s seat, making it simple and easy for the driver to adjust the seat to the required height and seating position. In collaboration with this, Toyota has added a rather unique design feature, the steering wheel can be easily tilted to the desired position and can also be brought more forward or placed more backward for ultimate driving comfort.

altis dashboard

The boot space of the Corolla Altis has a whopping 475L capacity, and this can be extended even further by folding the rear seats flat. Toyota has put much thought into the interior finish of the vehicle, the dashboard has a high-quality trim and, depending on the variant, controls have been placed strategically on the central cluster and steering wheel for ease of access. The Corolla Altis has also been fitted with a Multi-Information Display, this can prove to be a very useful tool to the driver as it provides vital information such as the fuel consumption, vehicle speed and elapsed time.

Trunk Space
The low loading height, shallow depth and wide openning make it easier for you to fill and retrieve items from the trunk. The already generous 475L space is made even greater when the rear seats are folded.

Dashboard and Interior

The new dashboard trim creates a refined atmosphere in the cabin while the 3-dimensional centre cluster design expands the curves of the instrument panel.

Safety is always the top priority on Toyota’s list. The new Toyota Corolla Altis comes fitted with special large diameter disc brakes, they provide superior stopping power and provide you with ultimate peace of mind when driving in potentially hazardous conditions, such as in heavy rain or on busy highways. The body of the Corolla Altis has also been designed to Toyota’s body specifications: the Global Outstanding Assessment Body structure of the vehicle disperses impact energy throughout the frame of the vehicle, thereby lessening the impact of a collision, and reducing the risk of injury to the passengers.

The new Toyota Corolla Altis is priced from RM106,000 by Toyota Malaysia and makes for an affordable, high-quality and efficient family car.

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