Toyota Vios and TRD Sportivo

The new Toyota Vios has been revolutionised and there is a choice of stylish models or a sporty model. Now in its third generation, the Toyota Vios is proving more than ever to be an affordable yet luxurious and spacious vehicle.

Toyota has put intelligent design to work by taking the original shape of the 2007 Vios and adding elegant enhancements to accentuate its contoured form. The 2010 Vios boasts a new grille: the bars of the grille curve delicately downwards towards the central point, giving the grille a slight “V” look, and giving the vehicle an overall sporty look. The tail lamps on this 2010 model are also new: they curve slightly outwards and give a more dimensional look to the rear. The electrically foldable side mirrors are also an addition to the new Toyota Vios.

Toyota Malaysia has introduced the 1.5 Vios TRD Sportivo, 1.5G, 1.5E and 1.5J variants to this country. Toyota has added enhanced features which are specific to each variant: beautiful interior chrome trimmings and combination leather seats are specific luxurious enhancements that are available on some of the variants. The 1.5 Vios TRD Sportivo is the cheeky and sporty variant of the lot, and comes with a leather wrap steering wheel, 15 inch, 7 spoke alloy wheels and a 5 piece Aerokit , which enhances the sleek and sporty look of the Vios.

The Toyota Vios has been cleverly designed so that the shape of the car makes parking in small spaces very easy. The Vios also has a minimum turning radius of 4.9 metres, making it simple when performing sharp turns or u-turns.

Toyota VVT-I

The VVT-i engine is Toyota’s trademark technology and is the key to the Vios’s excellent performance: the engine is specifically designed to automatically adjust valve timing in order produce powerful acceleration. The VVT-i engine has also been carefully devised to reduce fuel consumption and produce cleaner emissions.

Super Electronic Controlled Transmission

The 1.5 Vios TRD Sportivo, 1.5G and 1.5E models are automatic transmission, whereas the 1.5J has the automatic transmission variant and the manual transmission variant. In the automatic transmission models, the Super Electronic Controlled Transmission technology provides smoother gear shifts and is designed to select the optimal gear position for an easy drive.

The interior of the new Toyota Vios is spacious, with comfortable, supportive seats, both for the front and rear passengers. There is also plenty of legroom, most importantly for the rear passengers, making the Vios suitable for comfortably carrying three adult passengers in the rear. The boot space is ample and can be extended further, when necessary, by folding the rear seats flat.

Whether you are interested in the Toyota Vios as a car for yourself or for your family, Toyota has fitted the Vios with additional safety mechanisms, giving you ultimate peace of mind. The structure of the vehicle’s body has been designed and tested to disperse impact energy throughout the frame of the vehicle, thereby minimising impact on one area and reducing the possibility of injury to the occupants of the vehicle. Another safety mechanism is the Brake Assist Technology: the vehicle intelligently detects when the driver is performing an emergency brake and provides supplemental braking power.

The Toyota Vios is priced from RM72,000. With the performance, safety and luxury on offer, backed by Toyota’s world renowned name, this car is value beyond money.

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